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The Face
Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Color (s): Black, White, Red
Starting Location: Rooftop
First appearance: Night 2

Description Edit

The Face(previously referred to as "Distorted Mickey Mouse") is a distorted version of Mickey Mouse, and an antagonist in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island: Discovered Secrets

Appearance Edit

The Face has the same appearance as Mickey Mouse, except his eyes are a pale white, almost human-like, and his mouth hangs open with no teeth showing as if it is broken or dislocated. His ears are more bat-like and pointy, compared to Mickey Mouse's circular ears. His suit also appears to be slightly darker than normal and there are just short little stumps where his legs should be, as most of his lower torso has been melted, and it is unknown why. In one of the promo images, he can be seen with a strange, yellow liquid (maybe blood) pouring out of his left eye socket.

Behavior Edit

He will first appear in the chimney on the Roof, signaling that he has become active. The player can slow him down from entering the office by watching the Roof cam. When he appears in the Office, he can be seen climbing on the desk. When he attacks the player, he rises up screaming as he lunges at the player. He will also rarely jumpscare the player when they begin in Pirate Caverns. He becomes active in Night 2 and continues activity through the rest of the game, but can also be active in Night 1 which is a rare chance.

Locations Edit

The Face begins on the Rooftop. After walking around Treasure Island for a while, he will eventually enter the The Office.

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